Brain Fitness is vital

Celebrating 10,000 IQ points RAISED!!!*    

Can intelligence be increased? Isn’t it all determined by our genes? If IQ can be raised, what can parents do to nurture a brighter child? What about emotional intelligence (EQ)? Can that be improved too? How?

Intelligence is a serious topic, and for many good reasons. Just google “intelligence correlations” and you can see the numerous articles on this topic and studies that have been conducted to understand the importance of IQ in our lives. For example, a person’s IQ score has been associated with his educational outcome, work performance and even income. Research has found that if the average IQ of a country’s population is increased by one point, the country’s per capita GDP increases by US$229!

Intelligence can be increased, both IQ and EQ. Yes, our genes do determine a large part of our intellectual ability but research is increasingly showing the powerful impact of the environment in shaping our brains, especially at an early age. Many factors throughout our lives affect our IQ, and conversely, our IQ can greatly affect the outcomes of our lives.

This has huge implications for parents because you are literally shaping your child’s brain on a daily basis. This is a wonderful golden opportunity for parents to shape their children’s brains for better, more successful and happier lives.

Join us the workshop to:

1) Find out what the latest research tells us about intelligence in our brains.

2) Understand the importance of raising our children’s IQ

3) Learn 10 practical scientifically-validated parenting strategies to increase IQ and EQ in our children