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Results-based language, reading & brain fitness software:

**Available for home-use as well as school-wide implementations**

  • See improvements fast
  • Target underlying difficulties, not symptoms
  • More than 3,000,000 students in 44 countries

Fast ForWord® is a series of life-changing courses that improves foundational cognitive skills, targeting underlying lanugage and reading difficulties, and then improve reading fluency and comprehension for all students.

After completing Fast ForWord® Training students can significantly improve their cognitive, language and literacy skills. Other benefits include:

  • Academic Achievement, including sounding out new words and spelling as well as attention span, writing, and math.
  • Clear English Language Communication, including oral fluency,  pronunciation, vocabulary, spontaneity, and ability to stay on topic.
  • Enhanced Reading Skills, including recollection of details and event sequence, ability to understand complex sentences, and confidence when reading aloud.
  • Better Listening and Understanding, including response time to questions, ability to follow the flow of conversation, and humor comprehension.
  • Stronger Memory, including better retention and recall of phone numbers, event sequences, and details.
  • Improved Self-esteem, including participation in classroom and group activities as well as enthusiasm about school.


Build an English-processing Brain:

Develop language and reading skills the natural way that brains learn, Fast ForWord® starts from crucial foundation which is accurately processing English sounds - phonemic

awareness, then gradually takes students through higher reading skills: phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking, respectively.




Make gains FAST!

Improve 1-2 years of language and reading skills within only 2-3 months of training.


Research Validated:


Created form 30 years of research by world-renowned neuro-scientists (Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Paula Tallal, Dr. Steven Miller, and Dr. William Jenkins), currently there are more than 250 research and field trials that validate the impact of Fast ForWord® on students of different needs.

Also proven as an effective language and reading development system by world-leading institutions:

Click here for research summary highlights.


Individualized learning:

Using patented algorithms, Fast ForWord automatically adapts the intensity, difficulty and rewards within each exercises to suit each learner- in real time, creating a fun, engaging environment required to build new neural connections for improved processing, cognitive and reading skills to deeply change how a child reads and learns.


Improve efficiency of the brain:

The creators of Fast ForWord® understand that an efficient brain is very good at processing language. They designed the software so that every student who trains regularly will improve in these foundational cognitive skills:

Memory: short and long-term
Attention: improve focus on text while reading
Processing Speed: Think faster
Sequencing Skills: Keep information in the correct order while processing

"Fit Brains Learn Better!"

Proven to work:

Through independent research from Stanford in 2003 and Harvard in 2007, we are able to see Fast ForWord create physical brain change as it builds new synapses and strengthens the neural pathways, specifically in the areas of reading.

After just eight weeks of use, weak readers developed the brain activity patterns that resemble those of strong readers.

As brain patterns change, significant improvements for word reading, decoding, reading comprehension and language functions are also observed.

All students improve:

  • Average students
  • High achievers
  • ESL
  • Struggling Readers
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning difficulties
  • Attention issues

How it works:

Like going to the Gym to exercise your muscles, Fast ForWord™ exercises your brains. And like any form of exercises, consistency, intense training is required for noticeable gains. Students work at home or at school for 30-50 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Teachers can constantly monitor student progress real-time and reports can be automatically emailed to parents regularly.

Scope and sequence:

Fast ForWord® is aligned to the curriculum, following are skills trained in each exercise

Curriculum Alignment:

Fast ForWord PreK-12 Language Arts (PDF)


Preparing students to learn:

Not all students are ready to learn, and frustrations can quickly set in. Fast ForWord® can lift weak students so they are ready to learn within a few weeks and months.

For the brain to improve and be ready to absorb information, certain training conditions must be met. The following neuroscience principles are built-in the Fast ForWord® system so students make life-long improvements fast:

  • Frequency and Intensity - Fast ForWord® can achieve up to 1,000 repetitions per session using stimulus-response-reward cycle. This adds up to 30,000-40,000 repetitions within 3 months, the amount required for new connections in the brain.
  • Adaptivity - interactive exercises automatically adapt to individual skill levels and responses, adjusting the learner’s content exposure that maintains challenge and motivates success.
  • Simultaneous Development - each exercise focuses on a specific set of reading or language skill and simultaneously develops underlying cognitive processes such as memory, attention, processing, and sequencing.
  • Timely Motivation - for the brain to learn, the right neuro-chemicals must be present and students must be attentive, and engaged. Fast ForWord uses careful, controlled and timely rewards that are proven neuroscience motivation techniques.

The most effective language and reading development system:

Nevada State Government compared Fast ForWord® to other language and reading development software, and Fast ForWord was found to be the most effective.

Fast ForWord™ Courses:

Foundational Course
for Elementary Level
  Foundational Course
for Secondary and HighSchool Level
Fast ForWord® LanguageV2 and Literacy series build foundational reading and language skills while improving memory, attention, sequencing and processing rates so learners can become successful in general classroom.
Fast ForWord® READING series is a reading intervention solution that increases processing efficiency and builds critical reading skills so learners get the most from their existing approach.

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