Improving Handwriting





     Many parents worry about their children’s weak handwriting skills which could include poor alignment, inconsistent sizing, or even the amount of time taken to complete writing tasks. We often blame our children for being lazy or not paying attention and sometimes force them to practice writing more and this could result in frustration, resistance and opposition.

     However there are many underlying skills that affect handwriting, and we see dramatic improvements when these skills are developed first.

Underlying skills for handwriting                              

  • Fine-motor skills

The strength of the child’s fore-arms, the way the hand grips the pencil, and the ability to control the tightness and weight of the pencil while writing on paper influences a child’s handwriting.

  • Gross-motor skills

Gross motor skills include a child’s ability to hold a good, steady posture while writing. Power comes from the base of the chair, through their stomach, back, shoulder and arms to hold the hand steady while writing. If this skill is weak they may get tired quickly or shift their posture often. This leads to inconsistent handwriting and inability to focus their full energy on writing.

  • Vision processing and ocular control

Eye muscles must hold the eye-balls steady while the brain has to process what the eyes see and transfer this information to the fingertips to control the pencil movement. Vision processing must be developed at the same time as fine-motor function, because the eyes tell the hand where to move the pencil-tip.

The ability of the brain to process these 3 foundations are important factors that influence handwriting, and has to be developed at-age and integrated for maximum performance.
BrainFit Studio Thailand offers Smart Moves and Smart Vision courses that improve these foundations and more.. one of the benefits of the program is improvements in handwriting in a short time.

Examples of Pre and Post handwritng...





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