Brain Fitness is vital

You are brain fit when your mental processes, or cognitive abilities, are optimally functioning and enable you to effortlessly perform daily tasks.

Cognition includes the following, which we call the 5 Brain Pillars:

Attention & Memory

Auditory Processing

Sensory-Motor Coordination

Social-Emotional Self-regulation

Visual Processing

When you are physically fit your strength, stamina, balance, flexibility and coordination are at optimum levels. You will be able to enjoy any sport, whether it is swimming, golf, cycling, running or tennis. Likewise, when you have solid Brain Pillars you can easily achieve peak performance in almost everything you do.

The reality for most of us is that we depend on how strong our 5 Brain Pillars are. Strong brain fitness helps us in the following:

For Students

Enduring mental foundations will ensure learning success and achieve high grades. With a fit brain, children find it easier and more enjoyable to learn new things, be it subjects in school, languages, or new skills like ballet or golf. Along with a sense of accomplishment is higher self-esteem and confidence. The result is a happier child.

Remember that cognitive skills are built in a “bottom-up” sequence. Development of higher order skills will be much easier if the 5 Brain Pillars are stronger.

For Youths & Adults

Refined cognitive skills for consistent, and even exceptional, workplace performance in any career or industry.