Smart Process

CognitiveMAP™ is a proprietary process that measures the cognitive skills of a Client prior to brain fitness enhancement. Just as it is important to know the state of one’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. in a medical examination, having an analysis of one’s cognitive skills will allow us to identify areas for improvement and to exploit our key mental strengths for success and peak performance.

Standardised Tests are universally conducted and scored in a consistent manner, allowing a wealth of statistical data to be collected. CognitiveMAP™ thus enables us to determine the “fitness level” of a Client’s cognitive abilities by comparing his Standardised Tests scores against the data for his peers. We can then identify which of the 5 Brain Pillars require enhancement and craft a brain fitness programme that addresses this need.

Brain chemicals, or neuro-transmitters, such as dopamine and acetylcholine are released when a person is motivated and encouraged. These brain chemicals play a critical role in the formation of stronger and more resilient brain connections.