Reading Assistant™


How to read effectively?


 The benefit of reading are not limited either fiction or non-fiction.  Reading can broaden your imagination and creativity. To read effectively is not only the way to pronunciate a word but also is about the comprehension. Even the native speaker sometimes struggles with the article as well. These become more difficult and complicated to Thais. Some may have a very good conversation, but do worse at reading because they don’t know to correctly read or clearer pronunciation especially what they have read after done reading. Those turn out to seem confused and get stuck throughout the passage. Reading Assistant™ program is designed to solve all the problem above, to be a private assistant for the reader. 




What is Reading Assistant™ ? 



Reading Assistant™  software combines advanced speech Verification technology with the latest reading science to help students strengthen their vocabulary, fl­uency, and  comprehension to become prescient, con­fident readers. As students read aloud, the program “listens”, providing help when needed. Students begin by listening to a model reading of the text.  An interactive glossary provides pronunciations, contextually appropriate meanings and usages, illustrations. With the goal of strengthening students’ comprehension, before students read aloud they must answer Guided Reading Questions. These questions scaff‑old comprehension using reading strategies and hints.

 Students read 2 or 3 minute passages until they reach the ‑uency goal. When students ­nish reading aloud, the text is color-coded to show areas in need of review before re-reading. As students work, the system automatically computes Words Correct Per Minute and makes a record of what, how much, and how well they have read!


Benefits from Reading Assistant™ 



  • Clearer pronunciation and builds fluency
  • Collecting more vocabulary
  • Do better at thinking procession and comprehension
  • Better English language skill





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