There are many choices available for parents to place their children in extra activities. Many times parents are bombarded with advertising and courses that are in fashion but may not be what their child needs.

We would like to understand any concerns you may have with your child’s development and offer advice on brain fitness. The earlier in life a child begins brain fitness training, the more affective and long-lasting the impact. We have been in operation for many years and have built a vast network of specialists, we would also be happy to help point you in the right direction if you have special requirements


Cognitive Map

Each individual is unique, and so the strengths of their “5 brain-pillars”(link to Brain Fitness) will also be different. Having knowledge on your child’s brain fitness is vital to understand why they behave in certain ways, it is also an important step towards planning for an individualized brain fitness program.

Cognitive Map™ process involves a set of 10 standardized tests* for evaluation; age-adjusted results are summarized in graphs that are easy to understand. Teachers can also use these valuable information to adapt teaching styles to suit each individual student. Suitable for all students aged 3 – 18 years old. Once we know each student’s starting point, we will make recommendations on which courses to enroll.
*Standardised Tests are universally conducted and scored in a consistent manner, allowing a wealth of statistical data to be collected. CognitiveMAP™ thus enables us to determine the “fitness level” of a child’s cognitive abilities by comparing his Standardised Tests scores against the data of children at their age . We can then identify which of the 5 Brain Pillars require enhancement and craft a brain fitness programme that addresses this need

The process takes 2 hours for each student (2 days, 1 hour/day) plus report.