Client Testimonials

Jim Walker testimonial about BrainFit Studio Thailand
Parent of Oat, 9 years old “Oat has become more confident at school ..and teachers have steadily seen improvements in him recently…”
BrainFit Studio Thailand - Reading Assistant Bernard
11 year-old “BrainFit Studio makes me feel confident in school, I’m better in speaking and reading english. All the games we learn are fun and help us. The more we learn, the smarter we are…”



“Brainft Studio made me feel Smart. I like the games and it’s very amazing. I wish I could do them all day”
11 year-old boy, Bangkok Prep School

“I like BrainFit because it improves my brain and listening skill.”
11 year-old girl, Bangkok Prep School

“I like learning in BrainFit because It helps me learn better in school.”
9 year-old boy, St Andrews Int School

“I like BrainFit Studio because it helps me learn better in school and improves my speaking skills…”
8 year-old girl, St Andrews Int School

“Fast ForWord® is a very helpful program for me. This course helped me improve my phonological awareness, attention, sound processing and sequencing skills in a short period. I love to study here because the program is fun. The learning environment is also warm and relax. Therefore, I could improve my English skills quickly without stress”
Vilawan Chirdkiatgumchai, M.D. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician.

“NIST (New International School of Thailand) was the first school in Thailand to offer Fast ForWord for those students that were identified as needing additional specialised support in language development. All students introduced to the program were comprehensively assessed using a number of assessment tools and were monitored during the time they participated on the program. High levels of achievement were recorded at the conclusion of participation in Fast ForWord by most students. The gains made were transferred to the classroom situation and were seen to be maintained in later years. Most students who participated in Fast ForWord did not require any individual support in the classroom after completing the program. I would recommend this product to parents for students who are finding the acquisition of language skills associated with reading and writing difficult and frustrating”

Paul Hamlyn Former Elementary Principal New international School of Thailand

Yuri – 5 years old girl 
Enrolled: 6 weeks Summer Program
Smart MOVES, Smart VISION, Smart Listening (Fast ForWord)

Mother’s opinion: “I’ve noticed the changes in my daughter that she seemed to be more observant, as she could recognize more directions such as streets and places of where we used to go or where we’re about to go. Also her English communication skill is getting better. Her foreign teacher from school noticed that she can speak English better than before.”



Noon - 9 years old girl
Enrolled: Smart MOVES
Mother’s opinion:
“Before joining BrainFit Studio, I felt like my daughter’s coordination and motor skills needed to be developed more, as the way she moves and balancing herself wasn’t very good, and she couldn’t ride a bike. After training with BrainFit Studio, her uncle took her out for sports and let her try riding a bicycle and her uncle said she’s only tried to balance herself on a bike a few times and all of a sudden she could ride it which was a surprise to us! I also noticed that my daughter’s handwriting has improved a lot. Before it’s quite untidy and messy, and now she can copy and write much neater.



Poom - 5 years old boy
Enrolled: 8 weeks Summer Program
Smart MOVES, Smart VISION, Smart Listening (Fast ForWord)
Mother’s opinion: My son’s body muscles are not very strong and he also seems to lack of confidence. After training, I can see that he is now has better posture, more active, cheerful and energetic boy.




​Khim - 7 yrs old girl
Enrolled: 8 weeks Summer Program
Smart MOVES, Smart VISION, Smart Listening (Fast ForWord)
Mother’s opinion: Actually I was looking at many different institutions for my daughters to do something during the summer break, and I came across BrainFit Studio from the website and I was invited to come for a parent information session. After I attended the session then I felt like this is exactly what I was looking for, I felt like it’s very important for my children to build a stronger foundation so that they have better ability to learn, and I hope that she can pick up and learn quicker when she gets back to school. So I decided to enroll her 3 courses of Smart Moves, Smart Vision, and Fast ForWord. You know, after 8 weeks of training, I can literally see the improvement in her already. I’m really surprised to see her body movement much stronger, and more focused on what she does. Even the teachers from piano and art classes also gave compliments that she’s now can concentrate on what the teacher said, and did well on many activities she was given. I’m really glad about the results and it’s a worthwhile activity during summer holidays. When their foundations are good, they will be ready to learn anything.



Preme & Penne (Siblings
Enrolled: BrainFitness Program
Mother’s opinion: Before training, my kid had poor fine and gross motor skills, she seemed to fall easily when she walked. And also when she wrote, her fine motor skills such as gripping a pencil was weak. After training for a short while, I can really see a big improvement in my kids’ both fine and motor skills. She’s able to walk and balance herself a lot better. And the good thing is before my kid start training, there’s a pre-test conducted and this helps me to identify which areas she needs to be improved, and then the post-test compares the result after training as well. You know… even without pre & post tests, I can still see lots of improvement in my kids that I’m very happy about.


Evelyn 9 years old girl

Enrolled: Summer Brain Fitness Program 8 weeks

Monther's opinion:
She has improved so much not only in academics but also in sports. Thank you to Brainfit for fulfilling her in the area she was lacking and making her more confident.